The LendTech SaaS platform that enables you to drive increased customer and business value

Maillon is a B2B2C platform offering a software-as-a-service solution for retailers and lenders, acting as a point-of-sale marketplace that allows retail customers to select best available financing solution, both in-store and online.


The building blocks of lending services
Strength of product features and service offerings.

Full digitalized your customer onboarding experience, both in B2B and B2C
A proactive loan customer acquisition strategy, powered by advanced analytics and digital experience focus
A consumer focused business model, targeting specific loan products, customer segments, and channels (offline & online)
A speedy, convenient and full digital consumer proposition, backed by flexible and tailored offerings including move towards digital signature
A highly focused, agile, and data-driven operating model, enabling short-cycle testing and fast decisions

Benefits for all


Online and in-store? Omni-channel is part of our strategy. Wherever your customers wants to buy online or in-store will receive instant credit solutions with the ability to digitally sign the credit contract in the Maillon app, so you can close the product sale on the spot. Your business is international too? Good news! with one simple integration you can offer instant customer finance in multiple currencies and markets. More lenders? Maillon has the ability to integrate all your current financing solutions and to add additional options for higher acceptance rates.


Maillon is acting as a marketplace helping you reach customers at the point-of-sale, interested in instant solutions for their consumer credit needs. By using Maillon you get quick speed to market, working across multiple currencies, allowing you to cover multiple markets with one simple integration, access the customer data needed for quick and efficient scoring and the ability to offer best available credit product with a fully automated solution. If already active within a retailer / online e-commerce site, offering multiple financing options, Maillon provides you with the certainty of having access to all financing requests and increased ability to bid and differentiate yourself when finding the right client match Full ownership of your merchants, end-consumers and all associated data, for life..

About Maillon

We are building the leading LendTech platform with the aim to ensures that all consumers receive standard, easily comparable and fully automated credit offers in-store and online
Daniel Nicolae

Daniel Nicolae
Co-founder Product & Partnerships

Andrei Benghea Malaies

Andrei Benghea-Malaies
Co-founder Retailers & Lenders

Iustinian Nita

Iustinian Nita
Co-founder, Technology

Catalin Grigorescu

Catalin Grigorescu
Co-founder, Regulatory & Legal

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